Cross Platform Development


In today’s market place, the consumer has a plethora of devices that they use to access information on the internet such as Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets, Laptops, TV’s and Desktop Computers. Most consumers now days use their portable devices more so than their work computers to access information on the internet. Therefore, it is critical that your organization’s information is accessible from any device and Conseltek can help you by developing a Responsive Design Website.



A Responsive Website is a website that adapts its components based on the screen size that the user using to access your website automatically. In this manner, the information is easily accessible to the consumer which increases the interaction and the time they spend on your website. In today’s market place, it is critical that your website is designed to be viewed on any screen size as more and more consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices such as Smartphones, Phablets and Tablets. When you work with Responsive Design Websites, any changes that you make to the website get reflected across all platforms, meaning the changes are adjusted to any screen size.



In addition to a website being able to be accessed from any device, users also have a number of internet browsers that they utilize to access this information such as MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Fire Fox and Safari. It is also critical that your website is optimized to be correctly viewed when using the latest versions of the most popular browsers. We can help you develop a website that is not only responsive design, but that it is also able to be viewed across the latest versions of the major internet browsers which include IE, Google Chrome, Fire Fox and Safari.